FLASH FREEBIE...and a Winner!

Happy Sunday!!  This is the last summer Sunday before I head back to school...I know some of you are headed back tomorrow, so I wish you a Happy First Day of School!

Let's talk a little about Math.  Blah...Math.  A subject up until last year, I hated...with a passion.  I remember when I first learned I would need to teach sixth grade Math, I cried...I mean...big sobbing cries (it wasn't pretty).  But now, a year and a half later...Math is my favorite subject to teach (who wudda thunk it??) =]  Nonetheless, that doesn't actually mean my kiddos enjoy learning about it.  So, when I was preparing to teach myself the kids about how to solve Math problems and equations it struck me...no matter what the problem may be...or the level of difficulty, we can use the same steps over and over (and over) again to solve appropriately.

That got me thinking...Math is just like one big puzzle.  We have all the pieces, we just need to learn to put them together.   With this strategy in mind, I taught my kids how to solve Math all year long with my "Puzzle Method."  I used to make little anchor charts with the kids, and they had the opportunity to make their own versions in their Math notebooks, but for this year, I thought I would make something a little more fancy.  And lucky for youuuuuu...in honor of BTS week...I decided to throw in an extra little something for this Giveaway Series.  So, until tomorrow night ONLY you can hop over to my TpT store to grab these posters for your classroom.

Product Includes:
- 4 posters
- fill-in-the-blank notes for student notebooks
- mini reference poster for student notebooks
- color and b&w options

The only thing I ask, is if you do download this flash freebie, please leave some kind words in the comments section below!

File Preview -- Upper left: Colored poster; Upper right: B&W poster; Bottom left: mini reference poster; Bottom right: fill-in-the-blank notes.

And before you go, I am happy to announce my Back to School Giveaway #1 winner!!! Congrats, Kelsey.  If you haven't done so already, enter to win my Back to School Giveaway #2.

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