Close Read for the Struggling Reader: Previewing the Text and a BTS Giveaway!

Happy Labor Day, folks!

As promised, I am back to talk some more about Close Reading Strategies for the Struggling Reader.  If you missed the first post you can check it out here.

Today, our students are expected to dissect some rather rigorous informational texts.  This can be extremely daunting and overwhelming for anyone, especially the struggling reader.  So, to make the process less challenging, I teach my students the importance of previewing or skimming a text before they even begin to read.  Check out the steps:

Skimming through the text features can help students feel less overwhelmed with the reading because they can focus on one feature at a time.  For example, I might model the text features in this type of order:

1. Look at the Headings and Sub Headings: These will tell us the overall topic and how that topic is categorized.

2. Graphics, Images, Maps, and Captions:  Pictures and diagrams will better help us visualize what the author is talking about.

3. Special Text and Glossary:  Key words will be highlighted, in bold, italics, or underlined, and often have a caption to explain what those words mean.

Annddddd, you get the modeling how to move through and analyze each of the features, students can begin to paint a picture of what the reading will be about.

Next, the students try to identify the text structure.  How has the author written the text?  Has he presented the writing as a problem/solution, or perhaps he is comparing and contrasting two different ideas?  If students identify the structure of the text, they have a better idea of the author's purpose for writing.

The very last step is making an educated prediction.  Students use all the information they gathered while skimming the article to make 1) an educated prediction regarding what the text will be about 2) formulate questions they may have about the reading.  The prediction piece is key because it helps my emerging readers to also become critical thinkers and learn how to self-reflect on their thought process.  Last year I had my students write their predictions in their reading notebooks, but this year I am trying a different format.  I created these prediction and reflection sheets for my kiddos:

And so comes along my final Back to School Series Giveaway...

Not all posters featured.
The pack includes:
- 21 colorful posters with examples for students to reference
- 4 reading prediction and reflection activity sheets (featured above)
- Color or B&W printing options

Possible Uses:
- Guided Reading
- One-to-one Intervention
- Small Group Instruction
- Bulletin Board Displays
- Hang on mini anchor chart stand for quick reference
- Mini-lessons

This giveaway will be live until Friday, September 5th.  Follow the steps below to enter to win this pack!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  photo Signature-Updated-Small_zps9a13b9e0.png

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