BTS Giveaway Series: Giveaway 2: My Writing Toolbox -- Resources for the Emerging Writer

Well folks, it is that time!  My Back to School Giveaway 2 is scheduled to go live at midnight!  This giveaway will run until midnight on Tuesday, August 26th.  Check out what I am giving away this time...

I have to say...I absolutely love using this resource in my classroom.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, writing is a very difficult area for my kiddos.  And let's face it, I love a good anchor chart as much as the next teacher, but there is only so much wall space I have to display those babies before my walls get too over crowded (yikes!).  I needed to create a resource or "toolbox" if you will, of information my kiddos could gain easy, fast access to while writing.

The result: "My Writing Toolbox: Resources for the Emerging Writer".
What's included in the resource:
**Appropriate for grades 3rd-6th and successfully implemented in a Special Education classroom
-15 writing posters which focus on:
- Persuasive Writing (2 resources)
-Comparing and Contrasting (3 resources)
-Alternative Words for Said
-Topic Sentence and Supporting Details
-Editing/Revising (2 resources)
-The Writing Process
-Strong Sentence Checklist
-Short Response Checklist
-Sensory Detail Web Chart
-How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay
-Transition Words List

Here is how they work in my classroom.
Print, cut, and laminate!  I made this resource available in both color and black and white for the printer friendly user. 

Secure the resource on a book ring and distribute to each student.  Student names belong in the small space above "tools".

During our writer's workshop, right after the lesson is introduced, the students are sent off for independent practice.  This period is called , "no talk, no walk".  My students must silently and independently work on their writing, without asking questions!  This is a tough job for my little learners...which is why this mini resource is the perfect tool!  Before I dismiss them from the minilesson, I remind them that they have all the "tools" necessary to be a successful writer.  All these kiddos have to do is pull their "tools" out of their "toolbox" of knowledge!!

I couldn't be happier with how nicely these have been incorporated into my classroom.  This resource gives my students the confidence they need, ultimately turning what is a difficult task, into a much more manageable one.  What's even better is that my students are learning to use resources on their own, rather than ask me for all the questions to their answers.

So here it is, guys!  Enter for your chance to win this toolbox for your classroom!

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Good Luck!!
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