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The Girl Behind the Blog

Hiyaa, I'm Angela.  Like many teacher stories you hear, it's been my dream to become a teacher since I was young.  In 2006, I left for college eager to pursue my destined path.  The reality?

I took two teacher courses, met other seemingly more interesting people, exploring more seemingly interesting courses of study.  I pumped the breaks.  I got interested in other possibilities.  Maybe I didn't want to be a teacher?

I switched gears.  Received my B.A. in Communications.  Worked as a PR flack for a hot second before realizing, "whoops, never mind...teaching is my groove."

I headed back to school in 2010 to get my M.S. in Education.  I snagged my first teaching job that same year.  I started this blog as a reflective journal for a student teaching placement in 2013 (yikes, you can read about where it all started here.  Please don't judge).

Since my first post in January 2013, TOPB has gone through some ups and downs and major changes.  Over time, I began collaborating with other teachers.  I developed a focus.  I found my voice.  Alas, here we are, reader friend...on the cusp of something fabulous.

It is my goal to offer TOPB readers positive vibes and practical strategies for making life in the classroom a place teachers and students want to learn and grow. 

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