Story Mapping

During our Writer's Workshop this week we are focusing on constructing a beginning, middle, and ending to our stories.  To better prepare for own own writing, I created a story map for my students to use while reading our model text, Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! 

We first filled out a large anchor chart as a whole group which answered the important details of the story.  Who are the main characters?  Where did the story take place?  Can we identify the problem and the solution?

I enjoy using a mentor text for students to follow during Writer's Workshop.  We like to discuss all the important elements the author includes in his or her story and model the same types of good writing behaviors.

Next, we transitioned toward our independent practice.  Students were to work independently for 5-10 minutes determining the beginning, middle, and ending of the story.  During this "no talk, no walk" time, students are instructed to work quietly.  I allow children to freely choose their own comfortable spot in the room to work independently.

Students working quietly during the "no talk, no walk" portion of Writer's Workshop.  Look at them go! :)

After 5-10 minutes of quiet working, students are free to quietly conference with a partner about their work (should they need help).  During this time, I also meet with students about their writing to assess progress for each child.  To differentiate instruction for the lesson, I allowed the students to either illustrate or write the beginning, middle, and ending of the story. 

This student chose to both illustrate and write about the sequence of the story.
This visual learner chose to illustrate the details of the story. 

Once we were finished, students had the opportunity to share their story map with the class during our Writer's Workshop closing.  These fun story maps make a tri-fold shape when complete.  I created this tri-fold so students have a model to reference when we discuss our short story throughout the week.  The class can also utilize the story map tri-fold to help them model good organizational skills while writing.

Voila!  A completed story map! 
To download the story map template, visit my TPT store.

Sweet Dreams!

Ms. Vince

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