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A hot topic circling the educational field today is the importance of assessment within a classroom.  With the shifts of the Common Core curriculum, school districts are strongly emphasizing data driven instruction (DDI).  As time consuming and frustrating as it may seem, it is imperative to implement continuous, on-going assessments of your students.

A popular complaint I hear from teachers is that it is too time consuming to gather assessment data.  Well, I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be!  There are a number of different ways teachers can keep track of student progress and records within the classroom.  Check out the strategy I developed within my own classroom.

Each week I choose four-five students to focus on and observe for that week.  That way, by the end of the month, each student within the classroom will be observed for a minimum of one week straight.  I simply jot down notes on stickies and place them under the proper day of the week.  I have a special notes section where I summarize data gathered for the week.  Voila!  I can now utilize the assessments and data collected on my students to drive my instruction and set goals for my students.

So, for all those opposed to collecting and documenting data, rest assured that there can be an effective, yet quick way to assess and keep track of your students!  And when in doubt, remind yourself of the importance of why we assess our students.  Without assessments, teachers do not have a reliable means in which to create goals.  Most importantly, the benefits of assessments should be clear in directing the support and/or services of the students in order to improve the quality of their education.

All the Best,

Ms. Vince

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