Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!  For Writer's Workshop last week we worked on writing notes to the moms expressing our love and appreciation for all they do.

The mini lesson was lead by the help of a KWL chart.  We focused on the elements needed to write a personal letter to someone.  We talked about how we need to date the letter, address who we are sending the letter to and also how important it is to include a signature at the bottom.

I modeled how to write a letter with the help and input of my students. Next, the kiddos broke off on their own to get writing!  Check out some of the finished products below.  These letters made me tear up. :)
One student using a sight word strip as a tool to help him spell words correctly.  I love witnessing my students utilizing their classroom resources! :)
Can you believe these are the words of a 1st Grader??


What are some ways you incorporate the holidays into your Writer's Workshop?


Ms. Vince

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