Incorporating the ELA Shifts into Classroom Instruction

I was reflecting on ways I can better prepare my students for the rigorous changes put into place from the Common Core ELA standards.   By visiting, I found a fabulous video highlighting instructional techniques a 5th grade ELA teacher implemented in her classroom.  This teacher delivers the desired student objectives of the lesson beautifully through clear, concise, articulate wording.  Just as the video shows her doing, I too like to have my students read their learning objectives for lessons because I feel it helps the students take ownership of their learning.

I love the way the teacher not only incorporates the state standards as an objective for the lesson, but she also ensures she is taking into careful consideration those six ELA shifts.  I love that she expresses her fears about students being able to work with the rigorous text the state suggests students master.  As a teacher, I too have the fear of presenting my students with too challenging of a task.  It is a fine line we must walk between providing students with text that is not challenging enough, and offering text that is so difficult the child will shut down before trying to tackle the obstacle.  I love how this teacher in particular states that the students persevered through the text because they were provided with essential close reading strategies as a tool.  One of the proudest moments a teacher has is when her students successfully implement a resource or strategy that was given to them in order to overcome a challenge.

The second shift that she focused on was encouraging students to support their evidence with quotes directly from the text.  I loved that she used sticky notes for the children to jot down quotes and where to explicitly find those quotes within a text.  I will definitely be using this strategy within my own classroom.  The stickies provide a fun and alternative way for note taking.

Overall, the most impressive piece I took away from this lesson was the teacher’s ability to control so many moving parts without actually doing all of the work.  This teacher did an excellent job acting as the facilitator within the room, and allowing the students to discover material through cooperative learning experiences.  Most importantly, I love that she not only carefully planned the lesson to include the standards, but that she precisely selected which shifts would be incorporated into her lesson to achieve her overall goal.  Bravo!


Ms. Vince

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