A Whole New Chapter

Has it really been MONTHS since the last time I have posted??  So much has happened since my previous entry in May…I am practically a whole new person, with a new name and everything (literally…). So for starters, I finished grad school (happy dance), I got married (see the whole new name business?) and I landed a teaching job in a new school this September!

I will be working with a small group of children 3rd through 5th grade in a self-contained classroom environment.  I am BEYOND excited about this new venture in my life.  Needless to say, since I heard I received the job, I have been browsing the web nonstop for organization ideas, classroom management strategies, etc.  I get to see my new classroom on the 26th which I am so excited about!  Weee!!  Until then, I will continue to work on brainstorming and (trying) not to spend my entire first paycheck on supplies for the kiddos. 

I have decided to post my philosophy of education in my room so that those who come to visit, including my students, know exactly what I expect of myself and all those who enter my classroom.   My philosophy reflects not only a promise to myself, but a promise to my students that I will always strive to meet their needs, and provide a safe and judgment-free environment for them to grow.

Here is a peek at my philosophy:

Get ready for the new signature...

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