Let's Reinforce Good Behavior...

I recently made some fun posters to display in the classroom for the kiddos!  Although I verbally model and discuss ways the children can promote good character and the development of important skills, I needed a way to reinforce these concepts within the classroom.
My Whole Body Listening Poster reminds students of the proper
way to be called on within the classroom.
A very important rule in my classroom is being respectful of yourself and others around you.  In order to promote a safe and nurturing classroom environment, we must allow the opportunity for all children to be heard.  My Whole Body Listening poster is displayed in the front of the room where we hold numerous large group instruction throughout the day.  By referencing this poster, students are reminded of the proper behavior to display when wanting to speak, and while others are speaking.

My Strong Readers poster helps students ask  important questions
while reading both in large groups and independently.

I love my Strong Readers poster!  I originally created this because my students were struggling on finding questioning words while answering comprehension questions.  However, the kids now love when I reference this poster while we are doing a listening and speaking activity or large group read aloud.  We can better organize our thoughts by asking questions.

What are some ways you reinforce good behaviors within your classroom?


Ms. Vince

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