Unburying Ancient Egyptian Vocabulary

We finished our unit on ancient Egypt today!  To make the lesson interactive and fun for the class I used a voki (www.voki.com) for the very first time.  This website allows teachers to create their own personalized avatars and embed them right into their PowerPoint lessons!

I used my King Tut voki to help introduced the day's learning objectives.  By the completion of the lesson, students were expected to retell important facts about ancient Egypt, as well as discuss and use key vocabulary terms about ancient Egypt.
We began the lesson reviewing and answering comprehension questions from our speaking and listening activity on pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut).  For each question, I inserted a Howard Carter voki to help provide hints if they were struggling to find the correct answers.

Once finished with the activity, the class had the opportunity to be archaeologists themselves and dig through their table basket to find the tomb which contains their own mummies!  Once found, the students were expected to use these mummies to preserve their vocabulary words forever!  

On one side of the mummy, the children wrote the vocabulary word and definition.  They had the option to draw a picture or write a sentence to help them remember.  Once done, the students could decorate their mummies on the opposite side and "mummify" the words with special mummy paper!  

This is my favorite lesson yet!  Check out some of our work below.

Check out this first grade artist!

Triumph was one of our vocabulary words.  Why do you think Howard Carter  felt
triumphant when he discovered King Tut's tomb?


Ms. Vince

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