Listen to Our Children, They are the Leaders of Tomorrow

It is amazing how much adults can learn from children.  Too often we are concentrating so intently on what knowledge we can offer the younger generation, that we sometimes forget the wonderful and pure lessons we can take from children. 

During an ELA lesson today the students were asked to brainstorm in groups about acceptance and diversity.  How can we learn to better acknowledge the differences of others?  How can we embrace people or cultures that may seem out of the ordinary or foreign to us? 

I was fascinated by the creativity and knowledge the class displayed, and the real life scenarios they provided to support answers.  In their short lives these children have experienced shame and embarrassment, courage and bravery, and acceptance of multiplicity.  I walked around the room feeling touched and truly proud, because despite all of their individual differences, the students connected with one another over shared emotions and experiences. 

Having been so moved by today’s lesson I came home and did some research online.  I had the fortunate opportunity to “meet” Adora Svitak, a twelve year-old girl who claims “the world needs ‘childish’ thinking” which starts with “grownups’ willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.”  Take a minute to meet this outstanding young girl; she is our future…

Ms. Vince

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