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In honor of Teacher Appreciation week...there are lots of good things floating around the teacher-sphere.  I am super excited that I am joining in on some of the fun!  Check it out...

First off, there is an awesome linky party that Layla from Fancy Free in Fourth and Courtney from Ramona Recommends put together in order to pay tribute to some of our favorite teachers.  This is a time where we can say thank you to those who continue to inspire us to better ourselves throughout the year.  So, without further adeiu, here is the awesome teacher/teacherprenuer that I would like to give a little shout out...

Life in Fifth Grade

Leslie Ann from Life in Fifth Grade: If you are an upper elementary teacher and haven't already checked out Leslie Ann's blog...give a little stroll by her blog...you won't be disappointed. She is awesome!  My favorite thing about reading Leslie Ann's posts is how you feel like you know her.  Not only does she give you a detailed look inside of her classroom, but if you follow her Instagram account, you can get some fabulous interior design inspiration as well.  :)  Being a Special Education teacher, the majority of my students are reading 3-4 levels below their peers.  That being said, Leslie Ann's blog is one of my top go-to sources for inspirational reading and writing ideas for my classroom.  Most recently she started a little weekly series called, Book Share, where she is going to list her favorite books for the classroom.  Again, super awesome because I am always much more willing to purchase books for my classroom when they have already been "kid tested, teacher approved".  Also...be sure to stop by her TpT store, which is jam-packed full of goodies centered around literacy...it's a real teacher's treat!  One of her top selling items is her Bloom's Taxonomy Ladders.  This resources is designed in a video game format where students must "defeat a level" before moving onto the next question...perfect for higher-level thinking. :)

So all in all, thanks so much, LeslieAnn, for being such an awesome inspiration to other teachers out there.  Know that you are reaching others in a way much bigger than I am sure you realize.  Your words and ideas are important...and they are being used to inspire other colleagues in your field.

If you have an awesome teacher that you want to honor during Teacher Appreciation week...be sure to link up below!

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Happy Teaching,

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