Organization for IEP Season - Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of this series.  Today I will be discussing some solutions for keeping track of student data.

This first is my personal favorite system because I find it super time-effective, easy, and it contains ZERO prep time.

  • Each week I select a small group of students to observe.  I typically focus on 3-4...anything larger becomes much too difficult to monitor.  I am observing both behaviors and academics.  As I make observations, I simply write my notes on stickies and put them on the sheet.  I have one for each day of the week...and on the alternate side I have a space for special notes and observations about student goals.  
  • Every Friday, during my designated planning time, I read through my sticky notes. I discard information that was not of use to me...and quickly input the notes that were important into Google Docs (more on this later).
Voila!  That's it!!

I love the system because I simply carry the sheet with me from wherever I am teaching throughout the requires hardly any time at all to take my notes...and I am eliminating all of those bulky student binders I used to keep in the past.

Laminating keeps this document sturdier...and allows me to write notes in dry-erase marker if I do not have a sticky immediately on hand. 

I explained most of how I use my data sheets in Part One of this be sure to check there if you haven't already.

In addition to what was already covered in my last post...I do also use these tracking sheets as another alternative for monitoring my students' goals. 

My students for the past two years are higher-functioning than many I have worked with in the past...which is part of the reason I am able to eliminate so many different data tracking sheets.

That being said, if you are looking for some basic Special Education behavior tracking forms for can check out some for download here.

Or, a simple search on Pinterest will bring up a plethora of options for you to choose from...including both free and paid.

Don't forget to follow my Special Learners Board or my Student Assessment Board on Pinterest as I am always pinning ideas that I find there as well. 

Finally, I was thrilled to have stumbled across a post from Gabrielle (Teaching Special Thinkers) earlier this year.

It perfectly summarizes how you can use Google Docs to make goal tracking easier.  After reading her post and following her tutorial...I immediately tweaked my process.

With the exception of the few sheets I mentioned above, I have essentially transferred all of my data to digital.  So, I must give credit where it is owed...and I will not reinvent this part of the wheel.  Go visit Gabrielle's tutorial now to learn about effective ways to implement Google Docs into your IEP won't be disappointed!

Teaching Special Thinkers: Be Proactive: Using Google Docs to Collect Data for IEP Goals!

But wait! Before you go, I have made all of the forms listed in this post for free

The Sticky Note Progress monitoring will not be editable.  The Data Tracking Sheets will allow you to edit the tables only...all other information will not be editable.

Simply click on the images to download. :)  I hope you find them useful!


Interested in picking up more tips on IEP Season?  Click on any of the images below to hop around this series.


  1. Loving these ideas! I use avery labels to keep track of guided reading labels, and then at the end of the week I put the labels into each students' section of my reading data binder...but I am loving the idea of using google docs instead of a binder!

  2. Ahhh, what a smart idea! I will definitely need to add that to my repertoire next year.

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  4. Great ideas! Thanks soooo much!

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