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I am a few days late for our Products for Pay Day linky...but better late than never, right?

Every year, without fail, I notice that my students struggle with the concept of equivalent fractions.  In both my general ed and special ed classrooms, this concept poses as a real challenge for my students.

This year, I am using some fun, interactive centers as spiral review and to keep the concept fresh.

I LOVE Pick, Flip, and Check because it teachers the students about independence and self-monitoring.  On one side of the card, the students must solve to find the equivalent fractions for the fraction in the middle.   Then, they clip their answers and flip the card to see if they are correct.

Students can play this independently, or with a friend to see who can collect the most correct cards.

The second center I am rotating is my equivalent fractions flower puzzles and spinner games.

I love this product because it allows for lots of differentiation when printing in either color or black and white on colored paper.

I also love that the spinner game can be used for either single or multi-player use.

To purchase my Pick, Flip, and Check game click here and to download my Equivalent Fractions Spring Centers click here.

Also, before you leave, be sure to download my St. Patrick's Day clip art freebie to get your materials ready for this month's upcoming holiday!

To stock your shopping cart with more great products, hop on over to Focused on Fifth to see what other teacher bloggers are talking about.

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