Simple Organization Hacks that you will Actually Use

How many times have you searched through Pinterest for awesome organization tips?  You gather up some ideas with the very best intentions for using these tricks in your home or classroom, yet...they just don't pan out??  Guilty.

As a busy, first time mom, easy-to-use classroom organization is a must.

For this upcoming year, I am looking for organization systems that are easily maintained and will actually be useful beyond just one week after putting them in place.  Here are some ideas I am loving.

Chalkpaint File Cabinet by Design Improvised
What a simple, cheap way to stay on top of your to do's! Pick up a can of chalkboard paint and go to town on your file cabinets.  Don't have a file cabinet in your classroom?  I am thinking the side of your teacher desk is another easy area to do this little project.

Clean and Comfortable Drawer Organizer by Tales of a Tenacious Teacher
Kelli always has the greatest ideas.  She is one of my top go-to teachers for fun, yet practical strategies for your classroom.  I love this little "keep me together" drawer she made for her classroom.  This bad boy holds all her grooming essentials to keep her feeling fresh all day.

Receipt Organization by I Heart Planners
Receipt Organization 12
How many times have you needed to go back for that receipt and you just couldn't find it?  This little hack is super useful for my personal life, but I am also loving this idea as a way to keep my school purchase orders in check as well.  You simply label the inside tabs by month and file the receipts into their correct slot.

Clothespin Reminders by Decorating your Small Space

I am always jotting little reminders on stickies.  Yet, there is major danger that those little stickies will get lost.  With this clothespin hack, simply string a wire or attach magnets to the back of the clothes pins to stick them on a metal surface.  Voila!  Now you can jot down your easy-to-forget notes and pop them on a clothespin until you can mark the reminder on your calendar.

What are some quick organization tips you are loving right now?  I would love to read your comments below.


  1. I am always losing receipts. What a perfect idea and I like keeping school and home separate.


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