Seasonal Stories: Books Your Students Will Love

My goodness, we are already at Day 10 of our link up!  Today we are sharing some fun seasonal stories you can use in your classroom.

Here are some goodies I am using this month with my students (in no particular order).

1. How Santa Got His Job
I blogged on Day 7 about how my students are currently working on opinion writing.  Well, I love this book How Santa Got His Job because it ties very nicely with the Elf for Hire writing activity I mention hereIt will serve as my lead in to the persuasive essay writing.

2.How to Catch Santa
Next week we begin our expository writing unit...and to start the students will be doing some "how to" writing of their own.  This funny read is the perfect, festive way to kick off that unit.

3. Christmas Fun Mad Libs
I just ordered this fun little Mad Libs..and I am super excited about it!  I love using Mad Libs as a little (educational) brain break.  It's a terrific opportunity to get in some (silly) grammar practice.

4. Home Alone
Well, when I saw that a Home Alone book was on the shelves, I immediately grabbed this one up.  I am using this to track character change and analyze how the main character, Kevin, responds to problems within the story.

5. Holidays Around the World
Photo Credit - A Year of Many Firsts
This unit was put together by A Year of Many Firsts and celebrates holidays all around the world.  Although I have not read all of books listed, I have read quite a few and I am excited to read through the remainder of those I have not.  It is super important to acknowledge multiple holidays and teach our students the importance of celebrating cultural differences.

Looking for more seasonal book suggestions?  Click through the blogs below to grab some more great ideas.  Thanks for joining us!


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  2. oooh! Thanks for sharing! I didn't know they have Home Alone the book. Cool!

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