Candy Canes and Cookies: Holiday Treats in the Classroom

Welcome back to day 2 of our holiday linky party!  Today we are talking all about holiday treats in the classroom.

Being a healthy, holistic living enthusiast, I had to stay true to myself and focus on some healthy snacking options that are both fun and delicious.  I promise, these healthy treats will still have your kiddos feeling festive...with way less sugar.

Here is a round up of some adorable holiday snacks I found on Pinterest that are super easy to make, yet add that festive little punch your class party needs.

1. Orange Reindeer from Mommy Testers
Healthy Reindeer treat +25 Healthy Holiday Snacks -
How cute is this little guy?!  All you need is some brown construction paper, google eyes, a dab of red tissue paper, and some glue.  (Note: the original link to this image is not working).

2. Apple Christmas Trees from Clean and Scentsible 
Elf on the Shelf Christmas Breakfast.  Lots of fun Christmas food ideas! //
Just slice up an apple, add some pretzel sticks and other miscellaneous fruit berries for this fun little holiday tree.  You can get creative and use different colored apples...or top with granola or trail mix for a fun twist.

3. Penguin Bananas - Source Unknown

The dark chocolate penguin suits add just a pinch of that chocolate goodness your kids are searching for.  You can use three red M&Ms or Skittles for the beak and feet...or you can substitute with raspberries or cranberries for an even healthier option.

4. Snowman Popcorn Cups from Crystal and Comp
snowman popcorn 5
I love these!  But for the best healthy option, stay away from those microwave bags!  They are full of extra additives.  You can pick up a bag of natural popcorn kernels from your local supermarket and throw them into a microwavable popcorn popper.

I purchased one from Sur La Table.  Although mine is not featured (you can find it on eBay) they do have these listed.  If neither of those options work for you, you can also find these popcorn makers from Target or any other similar department store.

5. Reindeer Food from Frog Prince Paperie

This post includes step by step instructions for making your own reindeer food...although I am not too sure about adding the glitter like this recipe calls for!

Regardless, you can take any type of trail mix, granola, or oats and mix them with little sweets like yogurt covered raisins or dried fruits, to make this fun little snack.  A little bonus...the cute tags are available for a free download by clicking the blog link above.

Looking for some other holiday treat ideas for the classroom?  Click on any of the links below to see what others goodies are being used.

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  1. My daughter made reindeer food when she was in pre-school. It did include the glitter. The instructions included sprinkling it on the lawn on Christmas Eve. That year we had a blanket of snow and the glitter made it extra "magical". Although I think the birds ate more than the reindeer.

    I love the snowman cup of popcorn. I might need to make those for our annual viewing of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.


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