A Mini Resource for Your Emerging Writers

Today I am talking about another ELA resource that I love.  My Mini Writing Toolbox.

This little guy is packed full of great resources for your kiddos and is available in both color and black and white printing options.

Perfect for emerging writings in grades 3rd-5th, this pack includes 15 reference posters which focus on:
  • Persuasive Writing (2 resources)
  • Comparing and Contrasting (3 resources)
  • Alternate words for said
  • Topic sentence and supporting details
  • Editing/Revising (2 resources)
  • The Writing Process
  • Strong sentence checklist
  • Short response checklist
  • Sensory detail web chart
  • How to write a 5 paragraph essay
  • Transition word list

I laminate this pack for durability and pop them on a binder ring.  Then, the kids each attach them to a command hook on the sides of their desk.  

Here's some of what I love most about this resource:
  • Covers a wide variety of writing skills: Perfect for differentiating among students' varying needs
  • They are mini: Who doesn't love something mini, right?!  No, really, I love that my students do not need to be embarrassed if they don't know a skill.  The little writing toolbox is small enough that my guys can use them without their neighbor knowing what skill he/she needs help with.
  • They are easily transportable:  No more juggling binders and worksheets to writer's workshop.
  • Eliminates the need for large anchor charts:  Too many anchor charts become cluttered noise in a classroom.  Students can simply reach for their writing toolbox when in need of a writing refresher. 
  • Promotes independence in writing: I prompt my students to turn to their toolbox prior to asking for help on a writing assignment.  Thus, encouraging students to independently turn to resources and think critically themselves. 

You can go snag this resource product by clicking here.

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Happy teaching, my friends!

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