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To kick off the start of this holiday season, I am teaming up with my blogging buddies from Focused on Fifth to bring you a little holiday themed treat.
Our Cornucopia of Teacher Tips Blog Hop is all about bringing you tricks, tips, and resources that will help make life in the classroom a little easier.

For my tip, I am here to talk to you about Glogster for the classroom.  Glogster is an online website that allows you to create multimedia posters. 

Looking for your students to complete a research project?  Or maybe you want your kiddos collaborating on a book report?  Students can gather resources from the web including images, videos, and their own text, to pool together into one visual presentation.

I love using Glogster in my classroom (and so do my students) because
  • It increases digital literacy (so important in today's tech savvy world),
  • it is paperless,
  • fosters presentation and public speaking skills,
  • helps students learn to categorize and organize information,
  • builds students' creativity,
  • increases student engagement,
  • and develops research skills
Not only can students create their own multi-media posters, but you also have access to a large library of glogs created by others in classrooms all over the country.

The Glogpedia is another great resource for the students to use in helping them gather ideas for creating their own glogs, or for learning about a specific topic.

I do not have an iPad for my classroom, but if you do, you can download the app right to your tablet .

Depending on your intended use for the site, there are different payment options to choose from.  There is a free account option, which does limits access to certain site capabilities; however, it is a great option for testing the site to see if this is something that will work for your classroom.  You can check out their pricing here.

Looking for more tips for the classroom?  Click on the button to continue on the hop to visit my friend, Brandi, of The Research Based Classroom.

Thanks for hopping with us!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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