October Products for Pay Day

Hey, upper elementary teachers!  

Looking for some great resources you can implement in your classroom ASAP?  

Well, I am super excited to be linking up with some of my bloggy friends from Focused on Fifth to share our newest monthly link up, Products for Pay Day!  

On the last Thursday of every month we are linking up to share with you some of our favorite products in our TpT stores.

This week I am sharing a brand spankin' new product.

*Drum roll, please??*

My Reading and Writing Think Stems Booklet!!!  This little gem has been a major success in my classroom this year.  I am just in big, juicy heart love with this booklet.

Do your students still struggle with using evidence to support their claims when speaking and writing?

Having trouble getting students to identify persuasive writing?

Are students struggling to make text connections or visualize elements of a story?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, keep on reading!

My thinking stems booklet is intended to help students tackle some major Common Core ELA standards across multiple grade levels.

 This easy to use, colorful flip book gets students thinking and speaking like critical thinkers.  Students are given help in the following areas:
  • Making inferences
  • Making connections
  • Predicting
  • Summarizing
  • Persuading
  • Supporting Evidence
  • Visualizing
Each tab provides a definition of the focus area.  If students forget what a particular focus area means, they can flip right to the correct tab and refresh their memory with the short definition provided.

My favorite part of the product is the little reminder section under each focus area.  Too often classrooms become overcrowded with anchor charts.

When a classroom has too many anchor charts, it becomes overstimulating for the students.

No worries, these short little reminders serve as mini anchor charts that are visually appealing and get directly to the point.
As a SpEd teacher, my kiddos need minimal distractions.  Too many words, pictures, or choices, and their heads nearly pop off.  

The pictures, acronyms, and bullet points appeal to visual learners.

Finally, multiple think stems are provided for each focus.  These easy to read sentences are perfect for even your struggling readers.  The think stems can be used for both speaking and writing.  

The product comes complete with multiple cover pages for you to select your favorite. 

Worried about ink?  No problem.  These booklets come in a black and white version as well.  Simply print on colored paper to still achieve a visually appealing look!

Interested in this product?  Head on over to my TpT store to snatch it up!

Then, jump on over to Focused on Fifth to check out what other great products you should put in your shopping cart!

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