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I am all about organization.  I get a little wacky when things do not have their own (preferably labeled) space.  So when I decided to take my blogging and Teachers Pay Teachers store a bit more seriously, that meant my scheduling and time management needed some organizing.

I had tried lists, but they just ended up getting tossed by mistake or going through the wash.  Scratch that idea.  I also tried planners, and despite how cute their covers may have looked, I would end up leaving them behind.  And well, what good did those do me in the long run?  It wasn't until this past year when I began using Google Calendar in my classroom to keep track of meetings, that I realized I could use this to organize my blog and TpT account.  Check it out:

1. Different Calendars
Create and manage as many calendars as you need.  I love this feature because I am able to separate my personal to-dos from my blog and TpT tasks.  You can color code each calendar so you can easily keep track of what's what.  Or, if you don't do well with colors, you can simply check which calendars you want to view, leaving you the option to view as many or as few of your calendars you choose.  I love choices.

2. Create Daily Tasks
I love that I can create a list of daily tasks that I need to complete.  I also love that there is a description section where you can add all the little details about your task.  For example, let's say I found an interesting article online that serves as inspiration for an upcoming blog post or TpT product, I can simply create a task reminding myself to research the topic further.  Under the description section, I can easily copy and paste the URL to reference later.  No need to scribble notes in a planner or on a piece of paper.  All the information I need is in one easy to locate place.  You can also cross things off your task list..which I LOVE.  It always makes me happy to visually see items being crossed off my to-do list.  Perfect.

3. Set Notifications
I love that I can set notifications for my events to be delivered via email or pop-up on my computer.  You can also seamlessly receive reminders straight to your mobile device.  I especially love this feature for upcoming collaborative blog posts and linky parties.  The notifications ensure I do not miss any deadlines.

4. Share with Others
Blog hops and linky parties just got a whole lot easier!  Don't over-commit yourself to more than one collaboration on the same date.  I love that I have the choice to easily make my calendar public  and share with others so they can view my upcoming schedule.  With this feature, you have the flexibility to make your calendar as public or private as you wish. 

Going digital for scheduling has really helped me stay put together and organized.  All my information is in one place and accessible at all times.  Since implementing Google Calendar into my blogging and TpT routine, I am holding myself much more accountable.  When the reminder goes off on my computer or mobile device reminding me that I have a project due, I am much less inclined to push it off.  What are the ways you stay on top of your blogging or business schedule?  I would love to hear in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Anglea! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I use the calendar app on my iPhone (is that Google calendar). I use it mainly to keep track of my kids' schedules and carpooling. The content is shared with other moms. I've never tried the "to do" list feature. I need to check that out!
    P.S. Did you know that you're a "no reply blogger"? I couldn't reply to your comment directly by email.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Holly! That's such a good idea about using the schedule for carpooling. The Google tasks are pretty neat because you can scratch things off your list...but I haven't figured out how to get those to show up in my seems only the events will send an alert. Kind of a bummer.


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