August Currently and a Classroom Sneak Peak

Well, well, well, HELLOOOOO, August!  Although many of you are feeling bittersweet about August, I for one am very excited!  Summer school has been in full swing since the beginning of July, so my summer officially starts on August 11th (happy dance*)!  Here is my Currently to kick off the month of August.  Be sure to hop on over to Farley's blog at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade  to read what else is happening in bloggy land...

Everything is rather self explanatory about this currently...except my needing...

I am super excited that I am getting two new computers delivered to my classroom this year, which means I can actually create a computer center right in my classroom, versus having to go down the hall to the computer lab.  This is a VERY big deal. =]  So, I am doing away with my coat/cubby area this year (gasp!) and creating a computer center nook.  I have started brainstorming some ideas to make this center purposeful...but I am open to (and hoping for) more ideas to add to the center. Here are the ideas I have so far:

1. Computer rules posted
2. Easy computer shortcuts to use with Microsoft Word
3. List of teacher approved websites
4. Login/Passwords posted on book rings
5. Headphones for quiet working

And, just for fun, I am posting a little sneak peak into my classroom for this year. =]  I purchased the Paisley, Turquoise, Blue, & Green pack from the Schoolgirl Style 2014 Collection...and I am just in LOVE.  

Here is a small peak before my reveal in a couple of weeks...weeee!!! 

I am just loving the mixed patterns used in this collection.  I couldn't be happier!

The month and numbers are from the Schoolgirl Style collection.  I made the calendar with poster board from Michaels.  This bulletin board is when you first enter my classroom and is where I post all our important scheduling information and such. 

Happy Saturday,

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  1. Love your classroom colors! What will you do without cubbies/coat area? Of course, I teach PreK SPED so I can't wrap my mind about that concept! I imagine 5th/6th grade is a tad different in that area. :) Enjoy your summer break in August! There was a time, so very long ago, that we also started school right around Labor Day. Seems like now the start date keeps getting pushed closer to July. Yikes!
    Preschool Wonders

  2. Cheers to Farley's currently party--that's how I found your blog! Congratulations on almost being done with summer school! I took the summer off, personally...your classroom decor is fabulous BTW, love the colors!

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  3. Ok I've been following your class updates on Insat and everything looks gorgeous. I have similar colors and keep thinking about stealing some of your ideas. Ha ha <3


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