April Currently and a Giveaway

I am three days late for the Currently linky, but I promised myself that I was going to cut back on my technology use...which has gotten completely out of control these past few months.  I am absolutely loving the bloggy world and stalking reading other's blogs, but I have got to limit my computer usage...

Alsoooooo....I mentioned in my last post that I recently finished a fraction poster pack for my classroom focus wall.  I was so excited about these that I decided to run my first giveaway. 


BUTTTTT, no one has signed up yet! Eeekkk....soooo, I am just sending a friendly reminder to ya'll to enter to win for this pack....they are great for 3rd-5th grade classrooms.  Learn more about them here. =]

I love reading everyone's little piece of the Currently party each month.  So here is mine:

Listening: Although it is a bit loud, I am loving that I am hearing the sound of a lawnmower...or a weed whacker....not sure which...but it means that spring is finally here!

Loving:  I finally was able to put the finishing touches on my spring bulletin board for this month.  Although the students' poems aren't up yet...it is looking super cute (tooting my own horn, I know, how shameful...)  Check out some of the pics so far...wee!!

My bulletin board is HUGE...you can't even see the end of it! 

As we use this month to really focus on poetry, the students' will choose
which poems they would like displayed throughout the month.

Thinking: Argghhh, I really...really...really need to reorganize and level my library.  I am just tickled that I have built up a rather impressive collection of classroom books already, but my space is in need of some desperate organization.  It is making me a little looney...

Wanting: My reading table is rather big...and I just really need a smaller, more rounded one.  That's all.

Needing: Oyy! I have a destination wedding this May and I want some spankin' new beach wear.

Hours and Last Day: Kids are there from 8:15-2:30...and the last day of school is June 23.  Gosh, that isn't really too far off...this last one just stressed me out a bit...I have so much more to do...(tick tock, people!)

It's been fun! Thanks for the link up, Farley! =]

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  1. First off, I almost had a fit when I saw your blog name. I am an organization freak and it is like everything I love rolled into one line.

    Second, your poet tree board is stinkin adorable! You toot that horn! How long does it usually take you to start and finish decorating your bulletin board?


  2. I love your poet tree board. That is so cute. I feel your pain about your library. I rearrange it and rearrange it and still feel it's not right. I am going to go check out your giveaway. I am doing my first one and I understand how you feel.
    Fourth and Goal in Fourth Grade

  3. Oh my word I love your blog! So super cute and that bulletin board is to die for.

    As for the library... I know what you mean. I recently limited the tubs my students are able to pull from to cut down on the mess they make. Told them they had to earn them back by showing me they were responsible enough to manage the tubes they do have access to.
    Ms. K/1 ELL

  4. Your Poet Tree bulletin board is the absolute BEST! I pinned it and am trying to figure out how to adapt the idea into a hallway mural because that is the only place I have the space? Also, I am doing a "farm" theme this spring since we take a field trip there in May.....so maybe it will be a Poetry Jamboree Tree? Thanks for the inspiration!


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