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So here is my (first) and (belated) Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I have been following this linky for some time now, and have finally gotten the courage to post myself.  Thanks for hosting this fun weekly is great to see what others are up to in their own classroom. :)  Here goes...

Our team teachers have been working hard throughout the year to incorporate loads of multiculturalism into our curriculum.  Today, our local college basketball team came by to talk with our students about the importance of team work, communication, respect, and dedication.  The team coached our students on accepting differences and working together as a team for a greater purpose.  Our school services children with emotional and neurological disabilities, and it was so wonderful to see our students interacting with these "mentors".

I have decided I am absolutely obsessed with binders...and I can no longer live without them in my classroom.  I am very excited about the new organization labels I made for each of my binders to keep everything orderly and in it's place.  The fonts used for the binders were the Hello Fonts pack from Jen Jones.  If you have not purchased this pack already, do it! I promise it is worth EVERY cent!  The clip art was a mix of my own and PrettyGrafik's free School Supplies pack. 
Has everyone else already heard of Coursera, or am I the only one who is late learning about this website?  Coursera is a website that allows anyone to sign up to take courses for FREE!  The best part is you can take courses in a number of different areas including...yes, you guessed it...EDUCATION!  Wahoo! Here are the courses I am currently signed up for...
They even have an app so you can search and sign up for courses whenever you want

Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching is great for even vets to take to help them refresh or fine tune some of their skills.


Working in Special Education, I will take any new tips I can to better learn how I can assess my kiddos with the Common Core.
 I am super excited that I just finished my Author's Purpose Pack to use with my kiddos next week.  They are still struggling to identify the differences between the author's purpose and main idea.  So, I created this pack which includes 6 different posters to add to my ELA Focus Wall, 6 passages in which students must identify the author's purpose and provide clues as to why they chose that purpose.  And 6 writing prompts that encourage the students to be the author and write for a purpose.  You can pick up this pack at my TpT store now.  The entire pack is aligned to the Common Core R.I.1 and R.L.1 strand for grades 3rd - 5th. Happy Day! 


And last but not least...spring is ALMOST HERE!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!
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