New Look, New Fonts, New TpT Prodcuct...Oh My!

Weee!! So I had far too much fun today hopping around between updating my new blog logo, making TpT purchases, and creating some new resources for my classroom.  (I think I am going to have to put a time limit on my new hobby...;) )

Anyways, I just recently bought a font bundle from Jen Jones over at Hello Literacy...and I am just OBSESSED with her "hello" fonts.  If you are looking for some fun, quirky flair to add both in and outside of your classroom, be sure to purchase this is WELL worth it! :)  I used her fonts today to update my blog logo and they inspired me to create some new materials to use with the kiddos tomorrow.

With my creative juices flowing, I made a Customary Units Length Conversion Pack to use during Math Centers tomorrow.  The students were supposed to have a Math quiz...err..last week?? However, with all this endless snow, we have been out of school for a week!  I thought I'd make some fun task cards for the kids to use in freshening up their conversion skills tomorrow.  I will catch up tomorrow with details on how it goes . :)  Until then, you can preview the product now on TpT.


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