Courtly Love

     As mentioned in the previous post, we are reading the Tale of Despereaux....and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with some good ol' fashion courtly love?  To further analyze this ongoing theme in the novel, I had the kiddos take a look into Despereaux's perspective.

     The students were asked to share what they believe Despereaux is feeling now that he is being sentenced to the dungeon for his sins.  The class wrote love letters, on Despereaux's behalf, to the lovely Princess Pea.  Not all of the final letters are posted yet, but check out what the kids did so far.  Gotta love the creativity... :)


Despereaux is featured in the hallway explaining his story and the class assignment to passerby's.
I highlighted important vocabulary terms and themes we have been studying in the classroom so the children become familiar with the words in context. 

Note Despereaux's paw signature... :)

Hmm...I am picking up on a pop culture song being thrown into this love letter...

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