Give Me Five!

For our seminar this week, I created an example of a classroom rules chart.  For this assignment, I chose to have the students actively involved in helping to develop the rules in our classroom. The rules we create should be aligned with the school’s philosophy and mission statement, and are based on what we all feel are important rules to follow in and outside the classroom to make a strong, cohesive school community.

I firmly believe in helping students develop a sense of voice.  Hence, I will ask the students to be involved in creating these rules so that they can take on ownership and responsibility for their actions in the classroom.  It is important for my students to understand that their opinion is valued, and their role is crucial in establishing management and control within their everyday environment.

The format in which I will display and enforce the rules is called the “Give Me Five” system.  As a class we will collaborate on five essentials rules or laws to follow.  We will display these rules on a large hand, listing one rule on each “finger” of the hand.  The image will be displayed largely inside the classroom.  In addition, each student will get a small version of the hand to be taped to the corner of their desk.  Any time a teacher or staff member holds up a “five” and says, “give me five,” the students are expected to stop what they are doing, and ensure they are meeting all five essential rules.

By having the rules available to the students on their desks, it offers opportunities for the children to self-check and monitor their behaviors throughout the day.  When the students are self-monitoring, they are expected to mark it down on a tally with a note as to when and why they self-monitored the rules.  By the end of the week, if a student hits a total of five tallies without being instructed to do so by the teacher, he or she will receive a prize.  This positive reinforcement encourages children to repeatedly self-monitor themselves and remain within given expectations at all times.

Take Care,

Ms. Vince

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